The Black Leaders in Philanthropy

The BIP Mentoring Program



The purpose of the BIP mentoring initiative is to provide emerging Black advancement professionals at the middle management level with the opportunity to enhance their professional experience, expand their network, and obtain career guidance from global seasoned black leaders within advancement.


Program Goals

For centuries, mentors have provided valuable advice and wisdom at critical points in a professional's career - in its simplest, yet impactful, form of growth, and leadership development. The BIP Mentoring Program is designed to foster formal, facilitated group mentoring connections to assist emerging Black leaders advance their careers in a peer-to-peer cohort environment. The goals of the program are as follow:

  • Increase mentees understanding of philanthropic leadership and the political landscape that exists in the industry

  • Provide practical advice, tactics, encouragement, and support within the profession

  • Provide perspective on work-life balance challenges

  • Promote connections with the larger advancement community


How does the program work?

The initiative will launch in January 2021 with seven very engaging Zoom mentoring sessions conducted over seven months. Each session will be led by a group of up to ten Black faculty mentors and 30 mentees (the cohort). Mentor faculty leaders will co-facilitate an up to two-hour video session with break-out conversations, once a month with the mentee cohort. Virtual topics include: things I wish I knew when I started; career mapping and guidance; building your brand; personalities and politics; work-life balance, and much more. The format will consist of highly confidential group and break-out discussions. Faculty mentors and mentees will agree on the goals of the program and can decide post-program if they would like to develop a one-on-one mentoring relationship.


Who can apply to become a mentee?

The BIP Mentoring Program is designed for emerging Black professionals who aspire to be an AVP, VP or President. Mentees must commit to attending all seven sessions which will occur once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 pm EDT/3 pm PDT.

Is there a mentor/mentee program for those who are interested in other programs for Black professionals?

Yes! The BIP has partnered with other national leaders and created a parallel program in various areas across the country. Please check back periodically for additional programs that might be added to this web site.

Other mentoring programs:

  • BDIII's Mentoring Program is a one-on-one matching program designed for Black advancement professionals located in the southeastern part of the US.